Regardless of whether your career goals for the New Year focus on finding a new job, achieving that promotion or getting a much-needed pay rise, you might find adding a few more achievable ones to your list. Work life resolutions concerning your job satisfaction, workplace wellbeing and overall work life balance may be easier to implement and have a big impact on your career outcomes.

By establishing healthy habits and a positive mindset, you will lay the foundations for more major changes and transitions at work. Having smaller goals – like not being late or keeping your diary updated for example – can also encourage you to work towards those bigger and more complex challenges that at first thought seem out of reach. Here’s our top 5 work life resolutions for a positive 2019…

1. Reward Yourself

Even if you’re not receiving the pay rise, bonus or recognition you feel you deserve at work, there’s no reason why you can’t reward yourself with monthly treats to recognise the effort you’ve put in. Planning out your holidays, booking trips away or nights out are an essential way to recharge and give you something to look forward to. Smaller treats like new clothes, a haircut or even a tasty lunch can also have a big impact on your day-to-day morale and ability to take on problems.

2. Take some “me” time

Reduce your overtime, switch off your phone and emails when you’re not in the office and try to stick to a maximum of 38 hours per week. Being overworked can have a detrimental effect on your physical and mental health, as well as leading to isolation and depression. Whether it’s simply taking time to leave your desk at lunchtime everyday or making sure you’re home on time, making sure you have some “me time” is more important than you think.

3. Stay Positive

Everyone has tough days (or sometimes weeks at work) but try to find things at the end of it all that are positive. Don’t succumb to negativity, surround yourself with the right people and make sure you appreciate all the good bits. Focus on your strengths, celebrate the little successes and look for the positive in every new challenge.

4. Keep on Track

Having resolutions and keeping a journal are great ideas, but in reality can often be forgotten within a few months. However it’s still a good idea to make a note of your goals and review them at certain points throughout the year so you can keep track of your progress or achievements. You’ll be more likely to do something you’ve forgotten or been putting off, as well as recognising what you have accomplished.

5. Learn, Change and Adapt

Make an effort to be open-minded, ask questions and endeavour to learn new skills wherever possible. Keep up to date with industry developments or competitor trends, build your network and stay open to new opportunities. Volunteer for additional responsibilities at work, don’t be afraid to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone. Being adaptable and having a broad skill-set are very appealing qualities and you never know when they will come in useful for that next job application or step on the career ladder.


Given how much time we spend at work, we think these simpler, more manageable work life resolutions are a fun way to make a positive change. Who doesn’t think booking holidays or having more time to yourself sounds lovely? Let us know your ideas for personal goals at work in 2019 and we’ll add them to the list!