According to most career coaches, the secret to happiness is always to ‘change’ – your attitude, your skills and even your job. But if you’re happy where you are, it’s still possible to achieve career success whilst staying put. Although having a job for lie may seem like an outdated notion, sticking with the same company for a prolonged period can have serious advantages. So if you’re not ready to take that leap, but want to get more out of your current employment, check out our top tips in this week’s candidate blog…

Don’t be complacent

Staying put doesn’t mean standing still. You need to continue to develop your skills and make positive adjustments to the way you work. You can still affect the attitude of having a new job – a fresh outlook, a surge in effort and the desire to learn new things – whilst staying in your old role.

Make sure you don’t get complacent by focusing on the quality of your work, your relationships with others and how you can get better every day. Seek out learning opportunities, volunteering, mentoring, as well as asking questions and furthering your knowledge outside of work too.

Communicate your value

Make sure you have regular conversations with your line manager or superiors so that they know the value you add. Demonstrate the benefits your attitude or ideas have brought to the table in a memorable and positive way. Remember however, whilst your achievements need to be publicised, draw their attention to your contributions in a constructive way rather than simply showing off.

Highlighting your strengths is important so that managers can rely on your competency next time that skill becomes critical to the success of a project. Plus, when that promotion, secondment or training opportunity becomes available your name might just be higher up the list.

Networking is key

Building effective relationships with coworkers can have a big impact on your daily job satisfaction. Whether this be your immediate peers or senior management, you never know when your teams might need to collaborate and the relationships you’ve forged will prove essential.

Making new acquaintances can help develop your understanding of company culture, as well as broadening your knowledge and creating opportunities. Most of all, a supportive network can be invaluable in keeping you motivated and wanting to come to work each day.

Choose Happy

The biggest adjustment you can make when deciding to stay put however, is to choose a more positive mindset. Being happy comes down to your state of mind so if you’re doing something you love, avoiding negativity and making the most of every day, you’ll find it easier to enjoy your 9-5.

Focus on what you enjoy most about your daily duties, seize opportunities to advance or learn new skills, build relationships that could help support you and shout about what makes you great. That sort of attitude will get you noticed in the long run and open up career success that you’ll be happy you stuck around for.

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