The start of the New Year is the perfect time to reflect on the successes (and failures) from the past 12 months and make plans for the year ahead. Updating strategies, setting targets and revising business plans are a common feature of January’s to-do list. But it’s also useful for business owners to set individual goals to help improve personal efficacy, strike a better work-life balance or develop new management skills. All of which can have a significant impact on your ability to drive success for both yourself and your business. Here’s our top 3 recommendations for great New Year’s resolutions for business owners…

1. Listen to your customers

Recruitment, like many industries, is all about solving problems. The heart of our success is understanding what our customers’ problems are now and what they are set to be in the months and year(s) ahead. Having a better understanding of these problems (or their ‘needs’ from a recruitment provider) helps us deliver a superior service and compete more effectively with our counterparts.

At the end of each year (and quarter), we undertake client satisfaction surveys and service level reviews. This helps us ensure we’re allocating time and resources in the right areas and that we can keep getting better. Make sure you ask for feedback on your products, services and customer experience so that any planned promotions, launches or spend are more likely to be a sure fire hit.

2.   Consider the people behind your growth strategy

Expansion plans – to get bigger and better – are often top of a business’s priorities for a New Year. But business owners should remember that it’s not just about hiring new staff to support increased customer demand or a move into a new vertical. Retaining and developing existing staff should also be high on the list.

Think about the key personnel who’ve supported you over the previous year and who you will rely on to shape the year ahead. Taking time to re-evaluate your company benefits package, succession planning / internal promotions, and investment in training could be a simpler way to solidify your growth strategy.

3. Delegate and strike a balance

As business owners, it’s commonplace to do everything yourself and for a 9-5 mindset to be a distant memory. Modern technology can make it difficult to switch off and burnout becomes a permanent state of being. Whilst a complete lifestyle overhaul is unrealistic, freeing even a small amount of time on a regular basis can have a big impact.

Think about the tasks you may be able to delegate or outsource. Those mundane duties that can often overwhelm you may be a welcome increase in responsibility for someone else and a positive sign of trust. More complex jobs could be done quicker and more effectively by asking an expert. Plus, the extra time you’re afforded to recharge and refocus could just be the start of your next great idea…


New Year’s Resolutions for Business Owners at Grassroots

Here at Grassroots, we take heed of our own advice. Whilst we’ve already marked out our budget and sales strategy for 2019, (and being ISO certified means we regularly audit our processes and update our policies), we also ask all board directors to set themselves a couple of personal goals for the year ahead. This year’s resolutions have included a commitment to external training and new learning opportunities, an increased emphasis on networking and collaborative partnerships, and a continued investment in giving back to our community.

Our plans for 2019 are already well underway and we’re excited about the successes it may bring. We hope your New Year gets off to an equally great start but don’t forget that if you have a hiring problem along the way you’d like to discuss, we’d love to hear from you.