It’s that time of year when we get to turn over a new leaf, resolve to make a change and get to tackle all those challenges we’ve been putting off. The New Year signals new opportunities and for many of us, that change means a new job, career or sector.

So why is January such a good time to find a new role? Firstly, it’s when most employers renew their hiring budget for the year. They’ve planned out the gaps in their teams due to increased demand or new product launches and new vacancies are at a high. Secondly, employers know it’s a great time to recruit with lots of people dreading the return to work and using the holidays to revamp their CV!

If you woke up on the 1st January full of good intentions are ready to kick-start your job search, it’s important to start with a structured plan. Here’s our top tips for converting your resolutions to reality…

1. Decide what you really want

Think about what’s motivating you to make a change. There’s usually a good reason you’re not happy. This might be simply not enjoying what you do, wanting to earn more money or shorten your commute. Other problems might be more complex – not feeling challenged, wanting to learn new skills or do something completely different.

Once you know what your driver is, you can start to make the right career choices. This may mean a move towards something (like a promotion or training to do a new role) or away from something (like a terrible boss or untenable working hours).

2. Set SMART goals

Whilst some resolutions will be easy to implement, others require a structured plan. SMART goals are ones that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and completed within set Timescales. Breaking down an action plan into smaller steps using a SMART methodology can help us to stay on track.

To begin with, this may involve completing research into companies, sectors or qualifications needed to achieve your goal. Identify your options whilst bearing in mind your end goal and being realistic about your chances of success. (We’d all love to be travel writers or chocolate tasters, but is there enough demand once you’ve finished your training?!)

3. Review Your CV

Once you know what you want to do and have made a plan to get you there, you’ll need to make sure your CV is job-ready too. Give it a critical review and make sure it sells you into the type of opportunity you want. Compare it to your dream job specification and ask friends or family whether they’d put you on the ‘yes’ pile.

Keep your CV updated as you develop more experience, skills or accreditations. Ask for feedback if your applications are unsuccessful and make changes to maximise your chances of success.

4. Keep a positive outlook

Making such a massive lifestyle change is no easy thing. Don’t beat yourself up if it takes longer than you planned or might not be finished before you’re seeing the next New Year in. Working towards a promotion or retraining in a new sector for example, take time (and money) but will be worth it in the end.

Don’t forget that sometimes achieving a change can simply start with a new mindset. Learning to love the job you already do or making lifestyle changes away from the office may be an equally effective way to make 2019 that little bit happier.


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