Here at Grassroots, Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our company values. Although we’re only a small team, it only takes a little contribution to make a difference to the lives of others. We’ve had a very active 2018 supporting our Charity of the Year and several local organisations close to our hearts.

Take a look at some of the fundraising campaigns and activities we’ve supported this year and how our dedicated team have given back…

 Charity of the Year

For the first time, Grassroots selected a single charity partner to work alongside this year. With countless local causes to consider, the team voted in favour of The Wellspring. The charity provides advice and guidance on homelessness situations and circumstances along with many other topics.

With a devoted team, the centre is open 365 days of the year, for homeless people to visit and receive food and care when needed. The volunteers spend time with visitors at the centre and create a plan of action to improve their situation, this could be either a long-term or a short-term goal.

The centre offers housing advice, medical support from professional doctors and nurses that work on set days during the week and mental health advice. Also providing any visitors with clothes, food, drink and living equipment to make their lives more bearable on the streets (Sleeping bags, rucksacks, toiletries etc.).

Employee Volunteering and Kitchen Takeovers

At the start of 2018, we introduced a new Employee Volunteer Scheme offering each employee 16 hours paid time off each year to volunteer during their working hours. It’s been incredibly popular, and we’ve particularly enjoyed our Kitchen Takeover days where small teams of our consultants have spent 5-6 hours at the centre to support the catering team prepare food and serve guests.

Most of the food provided is donated by local organisations, shops and restaurants in the Stockport area, but Grassroots also donated £200 to help fund food and essentials on the day.

The Great Manchester Run

In May, Caroline and Molly took part in the Great Manchester 10K run in support of the Wellspring and to show support for the devastating attack that happened at the Manchester Arena last year. This was a big challenge for them both, but their persistence and dedication to show their support towards the charity was above and beyond.

During the course, the girls felt exhausted due to the tough weather conditions and the lack of shade which made it difficult to run but seeing the other participants and the support from the crowd made the girls increasingly eager to finish the race. They finished in a whopping 1 hour and 17 minutes and raised an impressive £477 for the cause.

The Ullswater 20 Challenge

In September, Richard, Steven and Rick completed the 20 mile walk around Ullswater Lake in the Lake District. Certainly no athletes, the trek proved a challenge for the team who’d had an ill-advised night beforehand refuelling in the local pub and a comfy overnight stay in the local bunkhouse!

A few extra meters were added to the walk due to the map operator’s errors due to the weather teasing them with a mix of sunshine and showers, but the breath-taking views of Ullswater and the surrounding land made up for it. Finishing in under 8 hours, they raised £535 thanks to the generous donations of friends, family and colleagues.

Rucksack Project and Christmas Dinner Campaign

In November, we also supported the Wellspring’s Rucksack Project campaign – collecting sleeping bags, winter clothes and essentials to distribute to the borough’s homeless and rough sleepers. We got involved by distributing flyers to gather support, receiving donations from local businesses and individuals, as well as our own contributions from directors and staff. We managed to donate a dozen full rucksacks as well as a van full of jumpers, coats, flasks, scarves, gloves and tinned food.

In lieu of Christmas cards and postage to clients, contractors and candidates, we also donated £500 to the Christmas Dinner Campaign which will pay for 100 homeless or disadvantaged individuals in Stockport to receive a full Christmas Dinner and a gift.

Fundraising Events

Throughout the year, we’ve also taken part in several fundraising events, charity dinners, raffles, quizzes and sponsorship opportunities. Our favourites have been the Wellspring Ladies Night in Woodley in March and the Corporate Golf Day (in the rain) at New Mills Golf Course in September!

charity golf day

We can’t wait to reveal what we have in store for next year!