Working in the financial industry can become a bit stale, depending on whether the employees have the drive and ambition to become a top performer. The key question is, what motivates each employee to excel in their position and is there anything you can do as a manager or team leader to motivate them?

Each employee will have main motivators and it is your job as an employer to find out what makes them tick. In the finance industry, motivation is a key component to success. The key to success is keeping energy levels high and the best way to do that is to stay motivated. So, what motivates people to help you develop a winning team?

New and Innovative Platforms

New Technology is one aspect that can boost motivation. It will usually make completing daily tasks a lot easier and creates a fresh and exciting way of working. New investment platforms offer a more convenient way for individuals and professionals alike working with investments.

Newer Technology offers a way to watch what is happening in key markets in real time. There is no better tool than real-time technology so that investors and their brokers can enter and exit a market at the right time to maximise profit or minimise loss.

Strong Management

Motivation starts at the very top. If you are enthusiastic about your job, this will seep into your employees, especially the newer ones. You should get excited about what your team is doing and make the success public because some of your employees will be motivated by personal success and recognition.

One of the best things you can do as a manager is to use a central white board that shows where each team is in terms of targets and goals. Those competitive individuals will be motivated to rank at the top.

Use techniques that inspire high energy environments

There are multiple motivation techniques that managers can use whether it’s to prepare people for the job or to simply inspire other colleagues. It is important to find an environment that inspire high levels of energy.

This could be something like letting teams set their daily goals in a morning meeting and to update the board. The “winner” could get perks such as an extra 10 minutes for lunch or a gift card. You just need to invest a small amount of money in the rewards that people will work towards.

In conclusion, work on the effective motivators and your team will be occupied and busy aiming to keep their numbers and targets high. Time is money so keep it ongoing and your team will stay motivated which is the key to success.