There has been a shift in the priorities for finance appointments, with a focus on improving the overall productivity of the finance function, investing in transformation and automation, and providing more informed commercial insight and modelling.

The financial world is passing through a revolutionary period, and it is evident in our daily lives that we have changed the way we pay our bills to availing banking services.

Finance professionals with change management experience an those whose business and data analysis skills are therefore in high demand, with businesses favouring those who can combine an underlying knowledge of business management and delivering improvements.

Here are the major trends emerging in the Finance sector:

Going Digital
Major banks have been embracing technology to spruce up the efficiency for several years so it’s not a recent phenomenon. Banks are trying to break the boundaries between the customer in order to stay close by using innovative technologies. Third party payment systems are playing their role exceptionally well with the focus on customer-centric features and functions. While mobile decides are a game changer in finance, automation is quickly replacing the baking jobs meaning there is a shift in the skill sets required within Finance.

Data is Everything
The trend of taking advantage of data analytics technology is visible in the financial sector. It is not e-commerce alone that makes data driven decisions in business. Financial institutions are using data analytics to improve the customer experience and gain a competitive edge over their peers. Banks are considerably focused on improving their efficiency and performance considerably using data analytics certification have high job prospects.

Cyber Security
There is a heightened level of expectation regarding the cyber security, and emerging trends show innovations are in line with improving security. As everything is basically digital, security is one of the most discussed topics.

Personal Finance Transparency
We as a world are overloaded with data, information and technology that serves and fuels products that impact people’s lives in many ways. A financial institution’s responsibility is to do everything possible to protect consumers. Consumers demands for a simple and transparent approach to their finances will drive the field more than ever before.

Fee based investment advisers
Investors are doing their homework and becoming more educated on the different relationships they can obtain within the industry.  Although they might not be right for everyone, fee based fiduciary advisors seems to work well with families looking to handle the complexities of creating and obtaining wealth. Most families these days need financial planning – not just investment management.

In conclusion, there is a shift in the priorities in the financial sector and the consistent demand for technically strong qualified candidates is affecting both large and small firms across the world.