With a successful year of fundraising in 2017, raising nearly £2,360 for various charities, the Grassroots team aren’t prepared to stop there! Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our company values. That’s why we’re introducing a new Employee Volunteering Scheme that will run throughout the year, where we will be working closely with our chosen charity for 2018 – The Wellspring: Charity for Homeless in Stockport.

Each employee here at Grassroots will volunteer for 16 hours a year during their work schedule, spending time at the centre carrying out various jobs for the charity, providing valuable training courses, and supporting the homeless with donations. Along with volunteering at the centre, we will participate in a range of fundraising events and activities to try and beat our target from last year!

The Wellspring: Charity for Homeless

The charity provides advice and guidance on homelessness situations and circumstances along with many other topics. With a devoted team, the centre is open 365 days of the year, for homeless people to visit and receive food and care when needed. The volunteers spend time with visitors at the centre and create a plan of action to improve their situation, this could be either a long-term or a short-term goal.

The centre offers housing advice, medical support from professional doctors and nurses that work on set days during the week and mental health advice. Also providing any visitors with clothes, food, drink and living equipment to make their lives more bearable on the streets (Sleeping bags, rucksacks, toiletries etc.).

Our Marketing Executive, Molly, visited the centre today and spoke with Jonathan Billings, the CEO of The Wellspring to start planning the exciting year ahead.

Jonathan Billings, Chief Executive Officer at The Wellspring

Jonathan said:

“We are delighted at The Wellspring that Grassroots Recruitment have chosen to adopt The Wellspring as their Charity of the Year for 2018. We are always proud to be supported by local businesses in Stockport.


Over the next 12 months we look forward to Grassroots volunteering at The Wellspring and supporting the charity in a number of different ways. This will help The Wellspring support more people and help us to reduce homelessness and rough sleeping on the streets of Stockport.”

Firstly, we plan to do a Kitchen Takeover for a day to help cook the food the centre provides daily that is donated. We will also provide career advice workshops, including expert tips from our recruitment specialists, how writing CVs, prepare for job interviews and any other advice the group requests.

There are a number of exciting other ideas the team are currently planning for the year ahead which will be announced over the next few months. Make sure you keep up to date with our Team blog to find out more about the fundraising and events in the future to support a well-deserving charity.

Follow The Wellspring Charity on social media to keep up with their news and events…

Twitter: @jon_wellspring

Facebook: facebook.com/thewellspringstockport